Are my children’s feet normal?

Yes, probably.

All children come in different shapes and sizes and their feet are no different. Some feet will be long and skinny, others will be short and broad. Some will have flatfeet, whereas others will have an arched appearance. The challenging aspect of working with a child’s foot, is that they are changing and may look flat one year, only to look more arched the next. Children are not small adults, and you must consider that their feet will change with time. Knowing what is normal and what is potentially abnormal will help dictate whether active treatment is necessary.

There is a broad range of what is considered normal and this will partially depend on age. Along with growing bigger, their small bones are twisting and turning, their tendons are shortening and lengthening and their fat pads are shifting from one region to another. All of these changes are normal and should be expected, however, complaints of pain should not be considered normal and may be worthy of further evaluation.

As a general rule, if their feet are not painful and not interfering with activity they are probably ok. But if you would feel more comfortable having a thorough evaluation, you should see a podiatrist.