Ben Simmons and his sore foot

For those of you that follow the NBA, it is with great excitement that Ben Simmons enters the league this year. Born and raised in Australia, Simmons then moved to the USA to play high school and college basketball. He was picked up as the number 1 draft pick in this year’s draft and is expected to resurrect the struggling Philadelphia 76er’s this season.

An accident during a recent scrimmage match has poured a little cold water onto some of the hype and may have dented his prospects of taking out the rookie of the year award. Simmons has fractured the 5th metatarsal in his right foot and is expected to have surgery soon.

The 5th metatarsal is usually fractured during an ankle sprain. Like any other fracture, the bone breaks because it can not sustain the load applied to it. This is because the bone is too weak or the load is too high. Depending on the type of break and the demands placed on the foot, surgery may or may not be necessary – there is a nice summary here about a certain type of 5th metatarsal fracture that often requires surgery. At Adelaide Podiatry Clinic we can manage you through uncomplicated metatarsal fractures and will refer you onto a good foot surgeon when necessary.