Chronic heel pain – athletes are not immune

For the football fans (in this context we are talking about the ‘world game’)…

Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson suffers with a complaint that is common in the community – plantar heel pain. A recent news report details how he initially had a chronic form of heel pain and then went on to develop a metatarsal fracture. It’s quite common for people with heel pain will shift their weight to the front on the foot (or the opposing foot) and one can speculate that this may have happened with Jordan.

It is always best to get on top of pain in the first place and at least be in some control over how your foot responds or compensates. At Adelaide Podiatry Clinic we can advise you if your heel pain is due to overuse or biomechanical abnormalities and provide you with management advice and treatment. Not to say you will break your metatarsal if you don’t get onto it quickly, but it is best to nip these things in the bud!