Dane Swan – more than just a sprained ankle

Watching replay after replay of the Dane Swan injury over the weekend, brought back memories of the Nathan Brown broken leg incident a few years back. It doesn’t matter how many you look at it, or how much you hope it changes with every viewing, these type of injuries are going to tickle a bit…..

The word is, Dane Swan has broken three bones in his right lower limb. What makes this injury unique is the nature in which it happened. The right foot appears fixed to the surface, while his tibia and fibula are driven laterally over the hindfoot. Most traditional lateral ankle sprains will involve an inverted foot, this injury appears to have occurred on an everted foot. This mechanism would have led to the ruptured Lisfranc ligament and fractured fibula.

An operation to repair at least the Lisfranc joint is highly likely. Hopefully we’ll see him running around later in the year.