Managing load in the growing athlete


As children get back into school, following a nice long break over summer, school sports again start to ramp up. We often hear about how a lot of children prefer video games to physical activity, and while this is likely true for some children, at Adelaide Podiatry Clinic we predominately see children who seem like they have a lot of difficulty sitting still!

It’s often not given too much thought, but when you consider how much formal activity an active child does; school sports, club sports, school physical education, along with informal activities such as games at recess, lunch and after school – it’s no wonder they may complain of various musculoskeletal complaints. The load borne by the skeleton alone is often excessive, but when you consider this is in a body that is growing and developing, the need to optimise activity, manage load and optimise lower limb biomechanics becomes quite important.

At Adelaide Podiatry Clinic we can provide practical advice about managing injury in the lower limb, how to manage load and what footwear children should use for sport and school.