Sick of your shoelaces coming undone?

If you are a keen runner, you will understand how frustrating a loose shoelace can be, particularly one that continuously comes undone throughout a run. As a parent, you may also get tired of continuously tying up your child’s shoes, which seem to come undone at the least opportune moment. There is good news, scientists have unraveled the mystery of the loose shoelace!

Published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society A, the authors describe how the knot comes undone and claim that this can be catastrophic – we are not sure if we’d go that far, but it is annoying. The physics involved in accidental untying involve impact forces on the knot when landing and inertial forces acting on the laces during the leg swing. If you want a reliable method of keeping your knots secure, have a look at this short video – as it turns out, we have all probably been doing it wrong!